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Why sales and marketing belong to different planets

Persistent widening in differences between sales and marketing strategies is undeniable in any business cycle. But for decision makers, it becomes obvious that attempting harder to minimize the differences is going to help.

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Why Lead nurturing is Important?

Lead nurturing is an overwhelming but indispensable task. Considerable time and efforts are invested in making a lead sales-ready. Since lead nurturing is an expensive, time-consuming and challenging affair – marketers are cornered to make the most out of every lead they attract.

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Customer behavior has changed rapidly in recent times. There has been a paradigm shift in the way customers search and buy a product or hire a service. The internet has become the mecca of prospects where business houses meet and interact. At the center of this confluence, marketers have to pave the way for sales pipelines.

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A Guide To Boosting ROI Through Lead Generation Automation

The term is generally used to denote software platforms used for lead generation activities by organizations. The automation platforms are designed to simplify repetitive campaigning tasks.

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How Lead Nurturing can Successfully Link Marketing and Sales

In today’s economic crisis, business-to-business (B2B) company survival depends more than ever on the ability to generate qualified sales leads and effectively turn those leads into purchase orders.

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Rev Up Roi And Revolutionize RPM Through Funnel Optimization

B2B Marketers have to take a large part of the responsibility of revving ROIs and improving RPM. To do just this it is important for them to understand that lead generation, lead scoring and marketing analytics is not enough anymore.

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A Perfect Blend Of Sales and Marketing

Sales think only they are worried about the revenue; Marketing think they are only ones who think logically. Sales people think why they have to generate their own leads; marketing says that sales people complain about all the leads they provide to the sales funnel.

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Lead Nurturing- Getting The Basics Right

If you are someone related to the sales field understanding lead nurturing is very important. Over the years, business houses have lost a lot of income due to sheer negligence on the part of sales personnel.

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