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Uptime Redundancy Plan and Strategy

Organizations operate round the clock, and need instant data access to complement their business operations. To ensure faster response to data retrieval query, Leadsberry saves active copy of data at an onsite location, and later moves it to the offsite data center for resiliency and security.

Fool-proof network connectivity and well-connected datacenter helps us in attaining this task effortlessly. Racksforce compliments us with best solutions for LAN, WAN and Internet connectivity, and helps us maintain cent percent network uptime.

100% Network Uptime

Leadsberry ensures 100% network uptime. This means that our network is operational 24*7, so that there is no loss of data.

Network Redundancy

Entire business operations can go for a toss if a network carrier fails, or experiences an outage. Therefore, achieving highest levels of network uptime is not possible without redundant network design.

We avail services of multiple network providers, who can handle any volume of network traffic, and provide reliable circuits with sufficient bandwidth. So, network redundancy is our solution to maintain optimality of our operations and ensure 100% network uptime.

Network Specifications At-a-Glance

Secure Transmission and Sessions

We ensure that users have a secure connection to our service from their browsers. To do so, Extended Validation certificates are used to establish connection to our service via SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0. A unique token is created at login to identify individual user sessions, which is further re-verified with each transaction. There is also a provision to restrict logins by IP address, and customize security parameters as per individual customer’s password polices.

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