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Terms & Conditions

Leadsberry is a leading provider of email marketing and lead generation tools which are used worldwide. The products and services include a wide range of tools, software and analytical services for the marketing industry.

These terms and conditions have been created for smooth functioning of the website, please read them carefully before using the site.

These terms of use are a legally binding contract between you and Leadsberry based out of 7251 West Lake Mead Boulevard Suite 300 Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 which is the service provider and is condition to your acceptance of these terms.

By reading these terms of use you are accepting these terms, and are bound to it including all the mentioned guidelines for usage of the services provided. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions mentioned below, please exit immediately.

Leadsberry reserves the right to make appropriate changes to these Terms and Conditions of use at any point of time and will not be held responsible for any issues arising therein. No personal communication of the same shall be given to any user/visitor of the website and all changes made are represented on the home page as and when they are made. We request you to keep a track on such updates.


Leadsberry offers various tools, email marketing services and other such related products, collaterals, API’s, blogs, customer resource management tool, social sharing tools, which help in conducting the process of email marketing and lead nurturing effectively. These are owned solely by the brand Leadsberry, and shall be used within the scope of its coverage. They shall be described as ‘services’ henceforth. Leadsberry reserves the right to change, manipulate, alter and/or withdraw these services at any given time, without prior notice.

All these services may also be offered by our partners, agents, affiliates, licensees, and you shall find a list of them, if any on the website. They are permitted to use the brand name Leadsberry and quote us whenever and wherever deemed necessary. All further changes, additions and deletions to the ‘services’ shall come under the ambit of these terms of use.

Propriety Rights of Leadsberry

All the ‘services’ mentioned are sole property of Leadsberry and its partners and licensees and it can be used by you considering the terms of use which will be mentioned here on. All the content that appears on the website, all content used for communicating with registered users, email communications, all downloadable collaterals videos, photographs, sound, music, images and graphics are included as property of Leadsberry.

These come under the protection of all the applicable intellectual property laws. Leadsberry owns the copyright for all the web pages and associated work fully. None of the above mentioned properties will be reproduced, copied, recreated, transferred, published, or modified in any form whatsoever. You also shall not rent, lease, sell, loan or plagiarize any of the said services and property in any form. Only with the expressed written consent of Leadsberry can such activities be commissioned at any point.

The Leadsberry logo, site design, graphics on site, appearance, colors, and various designs on site are trademarked to Leadsberry and you are not allowed to use them in any form.

Subscription and Registration Rules

Users are free to navigate many pages on the Leadsberry website. Subscription is required for the paid services. You shall have to create a login account and provide the website with certain amount of personal information and also make payments as per the pricing guidelines mentioned in the website. These terms of use cover you irrespective of your status as user, or visitor.

When you register with us, you shall provide us with valid information which is true, accurate and precise as per current status. We require you to be at least 18 years of age to do business with us. The information provided needs to be updated as and when there is a need. If Leadsberry has sufficient cause to feel that the information provided is inaccurate or false, we reserve the right to discontinue your services indefinitely.

Leadsberry is not responsible for the safety of your password and we urge you to take requisite measures to maintain secrecy. Leadsberry shall not be held responsible for misuse of your account through password failure. If you find that such an event has occurred, please contact us immediately with clear details of the problem and we shall do the needful. As soon as you have gained access to the services of Leadsberry you shall fall under the ambit of the privacy policy mentioned on the website and all your actions are binding on it. Please ensure that you read them before using the services.

Through usage of the services on the website, you are capable of understanding and abiding to the terms of use and have the right to use them as per applicable law.

Usage Rules and Limitations

Leadsberry provides you with non transferable, non-exclusive and personal license to use the services which you have subscribed to and paid for.

Limitations of Usage

  1. You are not allowed to rent, sell, transfer, modify, transmit, and broadcast any of the services that you have received from us in any form.
  2. You will not use any of the services in any way detrimental to the brand Leadsberry causing damage, manipulation or undue burden it.
  3. You will not in any way, impair the ability of another user to use the services which are offered by Leadsberry or create a negative impression about its services and products.
  4. You will not modify any of the software you have purchased from us and it shall only be used for the intended purpose as mentioned.
  5. Access to the site and its services is solely through the interface which is provided through the website. You will not use any other means to access it.
  6. No automated systems should be launched by you that can send across automated messages to the website hampering its activity negatively.
  7. No content belonging to Leadsberry will be mirrored on another server or device by you.

Unauthorized usage of the content will amount to breaking copyright and trademark laws. You shall assist Leadsberry in preventing any such activities.

Denial of Service and Termination

Usage of the website, its content and services are subject to your reading and accepting these terms of use. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions of use shall subject you to the full scope of copyright laws, trade laws, state and federal laws and other such applicable laws governing content and services on the internet. If Leadsberry finds that you have in anyway not adhered to the terms of use, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your subscription immediately. We also reserve the right to intimate you regarding why such a step has been taken.

Support Services

We offer support services for all the products and services we provide. It is included in your subscription fee and we shall be offering the following services as per requirement. Telephone support is available 24/7 seven days a week excluding US national holidays. Phone numbers are displayed on the home page for your usage. Web forms can also be filled and sent to us on the contact us page. We shall try our best to respond to it in a reasonable amount of time, but we do not guarantee any specific time frame for the responses.

Usage of Communication Platforms

Leadsberry may provide you with the opportunity to interact with others on communication platforms like blogs, bulletin boards, and news forums and so on. Please ensure that you are sending and using information which is related to the particular communications platform and also related to Leadsberry and its affiliates, licensees and partners.

  1. You will not use any of the communication platforms to create any negative opinion about Leadsberry and its services, try to manipulate other users by influencing their opinion against the brand and its services.
  2. You will not harass, intimidate, stalk, defame or threaten the rights of any other users on these communication platforms. You shall not restrict or prohibit anyone else from using these communications platform for whatever reasons.
  3. You will not upload any viruses, or files which can cause harm to other users and/or Leadsberry in any way on these communications platforms.
  4. You shall not advertise or sell any products or services on these platforms in any form.
  5. You will only upload content which you own the copyright to or are licensed to upload from the original owners of the content.
  6. You will not convey negative points about any of the authors who are associated with Leadsberry or try to defame them in any manner.

Leadsberry reserves the right to remove any content or matter that you have posted on these platforms which it deems objectionable without prior notice. We can terminate services we offer you if we feel that your views are detrimental to the organization.

Third party sites

Leadsberry may contain links to third party sites or they may contain links to our site. These third party sites do not come under the terms of use of Leadsberry. The scope of the terms of use is over when you leave the Leadsberry website. We urge you to read their terms of use and understand it while using their websites. Leadsberry will not be held accountable for any damages to you that may have occurred from usage of such sites.

Customer confidentiality

All collected personal information as mentioned in the privacy policy are the property of the person who provides it. Leadsberry will not use any of this personal information for any other processes other than specified. If any such event requires the usage of the said information confirmation from the user is explicitly required. Exclusions are only when such information is demanded by a court of law and is used for legal proceedings.

Materials submitted by user

Leadsberry does not claim any ownership of the material that a user may have shared through usage of any of the services. These may include suggestions, feedback, and service related queries and so on. By sharing such material with us, or any of the partners, licensees, and/or affiliate companies, you are granting us permission to use it for our operations. We are not in any way obligated to pay any compensation towards submission of such material to us and we are not obligated to post any of the materials that you are submitted. We reserve the right to remove any of the material at any time as we find necessary.

Copyright Claims and its process

If any sort of copyright infringement has come to your notice regarding any of the services, products, collaterals and any such communications provided by us and/or our agents, affiliates, partners and licensees we suggest that you follow the following steps.

  1. Please identify the material which is likely to have infringed on copyright agreements and laws, and if possible provide us with the URL where we can view it.
  2. Please specify the copyright law it is infringing on, specify how it is infringing on it and who the original owner of the copyright law is giving us proving documentation.
  3. Please include a statement that all the facts that you have provided are accurate and clear, and you take responsibility if proven wrong, exempting us from any liability entirely.
  4. A statement stating that you believe in good faith that such an infringement has occurred and it is true to your knowledge and awareness.
  5. Include your name, postal address, phone number and if available a valid email address.
  6. The contact us page included in the website will have the address to which such communications are to be forwarded. No other queries or suggestions sent to this address will be entertained in anyway.


Leadsberry provides its customers/users with software and various other materials which are associated with them. They may contain discrepancies and typographical errors. We will make changes to them as and when they are noticed in a timely fashion. You will not use any of the advice that you have received from these services by us or our partners, licensees and affiliates for taking any decision related to financial work, personal, legal and medical situations. We urge you to consult a licensed professional for these matters.

Leadsberry shall not take representations regarding the accuracy, reliability, security, timeliness, and also the accuracy of the materials, services, products and any other related collaterals which you may have sourced from us as is permitted by current laws. All of the above mentioned materials are provided in good faith and we do not offer any sort of warranty on its condition. Leadsberry and its partners, licensees, and affiliates herby disclaim any liabilities which may arise with regard to the materials provided including warranty, fitness and/or conditions of merchantability.

Necessary permissible precautions are taken by Leadsberry which are commercially viable to ensure the security of the personal information which you will be providing us through the website and also during the transfer of the said information through servers and portals. We understand and state that there is no absolute security available on the internet inside the scope of the resources available to us. All liabilities regarding this are disclaimed by us. We do not take liability for any loss of data or personal information being transferred or captured by a third party through various means in any form without our consent or authorization in any manner.

Leadsberry will not be held accountable for any sort of damage, directly or indirectly which may be purposeful or incidental, arising out of the use of the material and advice which is provided by us and loss of profit, due to the use of the services and performance of the same.

In any such event, Leadsberry, its associates, licensees, partners, managers, employees, agents and contractors will not be held responsible as per the maximum extent of the applicable laws governing these services. If at any time, you do not find any of the above mentioned terms not to your satisfaction and are not in agreement with any of the features, we suggest you cease usage of our services immediately.

General Features

It is understood that you and Leadsberry are not in any legal contract or obligation or have created any relationship therein as a result of these terms and conditions of use policy.

All the services provided by Leadsberry are subject to the existing laws and this shall include our right to comply with the legal processes of the state and law enforcement agencies as per requests made in relation to the services provided and gathered by us and its usage.

If at any point any part of these terms of usage is deemed invalid or unenforceable, as stated by the applicable law, not limited to the disclaimers and limitations, then the point or part which has been deemed invalid or unenforceable will be superseded by another valid and enforceable point or part which is closely associated with the intent of the first one and all the other points will be intact and valid as always.

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