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Social Media Connect

According to Sirius Decisions, almost 70% of client-prospect communication happens on the web. And Gartner reports that by 2020, 85 percent of interaction between brands and customers will be done online.

Clearly, automating lead management and other marketing activities without getting connected to social media is futile. The widespread use of social networks to generate leads, interact with prospects and communicating with customers has made the modern marketing scene more dynamic. From blogs to Twitter to Facebook, social media has been embraced by businesses to generate, manage and convert the leads stream.

To help businesses tap the full lead generation potential of social media, Leadsberry has introduced Social Media Connect.

What does it do for you?
  • Create and automate email campaigns with links to your social media profiles
  • Lets you update your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) from Leadsberry’s interface
  • Helps your prospects know about latest features, trends etc in a single click
  • Saves you time – you don’t have to login separately to your social media accounts; one update in Leadsberry’s platform does it all.

This unique feature has been brought to you by Leadsberry’s App experts keeping in mind usability and convenience of users. Most businesses use multiple platforms at once for their sales and marketing activities. Integrating them all in one platform will help you enjoy dual benefits of superior lead management and avoid managing too many logins and updates.

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