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Sales Alerts

Metrics That Help You Close SALES FASTER

Seven types of leads prioritized as per their sales readiness:
  • Hot
  • Warms
  • New
  • Renewed Interest
  • Reluctant

The primary goal of any company is to speed up their lead-to-deal conversion ratio, and move the sales-ready leads to the bottom of the sales funnel as quickly as possible. But most of the times, marketers miscalculate the lead activity and fail to classify them appropriately. This in turn, puts the entire sales cycle in the doldrums.

Sales Alert is a marketing automation tool that comes with easy-to-use and customizable dashboards that make powerful ad-hoc reports creation easier. The leads can be classified into seven types based on their activity or behavior. Open rates, links clicked, sites visited, subscribe/unsubscribe rate, time spent on the website, surveys undertaken, etc. are some of the criteria that are considered before categorizing leads into different types.

Leadsberry’s Sales Alert tool further divides the seven types of leads into two stages; namely, “leads more likely to convert” and “leads less likely to convert.”

Sales Readiness

Sales Alert tool gives priority to the leads that score better in the sales readiness graph. Therefore, Hot Leads carry maximum priority and Inactive Leads the least. Users get sales alerts for the leads that have maximum sales readiness or priority.

Classify Leads. Prioritize Them. Close Deals.

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