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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will explain in detail the process of handling, segmentation, requirement and usage of information provided by our customers. The privacy policy has been designed to ensure that customers have a safe experience when they are associated with us. Please read this policy carefully while using the Leadsberry website.

Once you are on the Leadsberry website and/or are using any of the services we offer, you confirm to accepting this privacy policy and its functions. Leadsberry feels that it’s customer’s right to have a personalized experience while using this website and hence there are certain decline features, which permit the customer to limit the amount of information to be shared. Nonetheless certain minimum requirements need to be met without which we will not be able to serve the customer at an optimized level. All communications regarding this privacy policy, complaints and suggestions may please be forwarded to [email protected].

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the manner in which Leadsberry collects, manages and uses personal information. It explains what constitutes personal information and the sources from which it is collected.

This privacy policy does not include any third party or individuals which Leadsberry is not in control of or owns, employs or manages.

This privacy policy does not cover any sort of information, which may have been collected by any third party from Leadsberry subscribers for usage in their promotional activities or campaigns. We encourage discretion while handing personal information to a third party, who is using our brand name and advice to do so only after receiving confirmation from us regarding their credentials. If this is not done, Leadsberry will not in any way be held accountable for the inappropriate usage of the given information. Such queries can be forwarded to [email protected].

Leadsberry may not in any way share, review or print any of the personal information provided by its subscribers outside the scope of the user agreement or as required by the presiding law. Leadsberry adheres to the U.S and E.U safe harbor policy. All features of Leadsberry data collection are in compliance with this safe harbor policy for the purpose of safeguarding against misuse of the same.

Type of Personal Information Collected

Leadsberry requires that its customers share certain amounts of personal information, so that we can provide efficient and effective services. We may require personal information when a person uses any of our sites, landing pages, offers and so on. This information may include the user’s name, address, name of company, phone number and email address. Also financial information such as credit card information may be sought for the purpose of billing.

Certain specific pages of the site may require customer to give additional information, which will be required for completion of request forms and for creation of a login account. These will be collected only when the user is on the website and never offline.

In order to enhance our services we may track the number of visitors to the website, their behavior and usage of our services. For this purpose we use cookies on the website to record the IP address of the visitor. This is a best practice worldwide. Leadsberry may not use these cookies once the visitor has left the website. All of these processes are automated and do not require any input from the user.

The purpose of collection of financial information is to facilitate billing and for financial qualification and hence credit card details are required to be shared. We may use a third party vendor for the purpose of easier and faster billing and some of the said information shared with them. They are not permitted to store and reproduce any of the said information after the process is completed.

Sharing of Personal Information

Leadsberry does not distribute, rent or sell any of the personal information we may have collected as mentioned above. Sharing is limited to certain affiliates, who work using the Leadsberry brand name.

Affiliates and Their Scope of Information Usage

Leadsberry uses the services of certain third party vendors to enhance its business processes through their expertise. We shall disclose certain types of personal information to them to make their functioning easier. They shall be using the Leadsberry brand name in their processes and we shall disclose their names on our website. The customer has the liberty to opt out from using their services but this will be detrimental to the services offered.

Outsourced Work and its Scope

Leadsberry uses certain individuals and organizations and their skills to perform certain functions on our behalf. Some of the services may include analyzing usage data, updating customer lists, customer services and credit card payments. All of the above mentioned service providers have to adhere to the usage policy and will be held accountable for any issues related to usage of the shared information.

Partnership Scope

We may enter into strategic partnerships with certain service providers to offer additional services to our customers. These service providers may contact you on our behalf. If you do not wish to receive any such correspondence from them, you can opt out of it easily.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Leadsberry may sell or purchase any businesses and transfer of assets is one of the features of such processes. Upon transfer of personal information, Leadsberry may comply with all the privacy policy regulations associated with such transactions. Such processes will be displayed prominently on the website to ensure that the customers have full knowledge of it.

Exceptions to Sharing of Personal Information

Leadsberry may share any of the above mentioned personal information in good faith when it is required by the law governing them, to enforce or comply with the terms of usage and agreements and to protect the rights of the company as well as its employees. Except for these situations, the customer shall be informed prior to the sharing of information, and his consent is required.

Information Security

All personal information collected by Leadsberry is stored in highly secure servers using state-of-the-art data security measures. All necessary measures are in place to ensure that data theft does not happen. Leadsberry employees are made aware of the security policy and terms for usage of the information.

Children’s Policy

Leadsberry is not designed for the usage of children below the age of 13 years. We do not collect any type of information from them. If you feel that we have in any way contacted children below 13 and have collected information from them, please bring it to our notice immediately. We shall review the situation and do the needful. Please notify us at [email protected].

Scope for Correction or Removal of Information

The customer at any time can contact Leadsberry and give us a request to modify, remove or change any of the details they may have furnished while in association with Leadsberry. This is facilitated through links on the home page. We shall advice you as to how to go about the process and how these changes can affect the processes. If you have any requests of this nature, please contact us at [email protected].

External Links and Their Scope

Leadsberry may have links to external websites on its pages or external sites may have links to our pages. This does not mean they are in compliance with our privacy policy and terms of usage. Leadsberry will not be held responsible for any issues related to them, and their usage will be at your sole discretion. We strongly advise you to take note of the time you have left our website and are not in the scope of our policies and read their terms and usage regulations to be on the safer side.

Changes to the Policy

Leadsberry reserves the right to make appropriate changes to this privacy policy as and when it deems necessary. If any changes are made effective on this policy, we shall display it prominently on the website and also intimate you via email if you have registered with us. If you have any further questions and/or suggestions regarding this privacy policy and its functioning, please send us an email at [email protected]. We respect your opinion and shall do the needful.

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