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List Management

Databases provide the underlying support to your customer service, production operations, internal operations and sales and marketing. From day-to-day operations to strategic decision-making, your databases are the crucial nuts and bolts that drive your business. And it is equally important to manage your contacts in a clean, clean and clutter free manner.

At Leadsberry, we’ve come up with excellent list management features to help you organize your contacts in compact and manageable formats.

You can now
  • Collate, segment, remove dupes and organize your lists however you want.
  • Maintain your lists clean and integrate records
  • Upload files in simple text or csv formats
  • Delete duplicates, merge files, filter and segment – all in one interface
How List Management helps you:
  • Advanced list management features in a single tool
  • Keeps lists clean, segmented and free from dupes
  • Handles large number of data and emails
  • Easy-to-use and friendly interface

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