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Sales Lead Scoring

Want to track and score your leads and improve their quality? With Leadsberry you can:

Qualifying New Leads Isn't Guesswork Any More

When a new lead is added to the Leadsberry platform, something remarkable happens. The program actually tells you how likely that lead is to convert!

And that makes our lead scoring software a critical tool for qualifying leads and predicting sales readiness.

Sales lead scoring helps your team rate the cold-warm-hot temperature of each lead. So they know whether to refer it to sales for an immediate sales call, enrol the lead in email nurturing, or relegate it to the back burner.

How Lead Scoring Works

The lead scoring tool built into Leadsberry analyzes each new lead and generates a numerical score based on these factors:

Among other things, lead scoring tells you if your marketing efforts are generating high quality prospects, how ready they are to buy, and how engaged they are with your products.

Amazing what a few simple numbers and a great lead scoring tool can tell you about your prospects!

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