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Lead Nurturing Software

Want to pump up your revenue meter with high voltage lead nurturing? With our marketing automation tool you can:

Putting an End to the "Ones That Got Away"

Did You Know That...

93% of your prospects are just doing research and aren't ready to buy yet?

And Without an Email Lead Nurturing Plan...

You will lose up to 65% of them... forever.

Those are clients that never converted or went elsewhere to buy. What a waste.

How Email Lead Nurturing Stops the Losses

The leads your company is generating through its sales and marketing efforts are not just numbers. They're individuals at varying stages of the decision-making process -- some are hot or cold, but most are somewhere in between.

What needs to happen to them is lead nurturing, sometimes called drip marketing.

Our email lead nurturing software is integrated right into our lead management program. So staying in contact with that 93% with the cold feet will become a natural, trouble-free part of your lead management routine.

Leadsberry Lead Nurturing Software Lets You...

Drip, Drip, Drip, Cha-ching!

Leadsberry's email drip campaigns are easy to create and customize to suit your outreach needs.

And we've made it simple to automate the steady drip, drip, drip of persuasion messages going to your prospects. So when they're finally ready to commit, your name is already ingrained in their minds. And that's when the "cha-ching" part happens.

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