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Lead Capture System

Finally, Lead Capture Software That Sets Up Easily and Runs Itself

Good lead capture software needs do just three things and do them well:

  1. Create Forms: Lets you easily create custom lead capture forms, even without HTML training.
  2. Go Live: Let you easily, quickly upload the forms to your site.
  3. Capture Leads: Automatically collects and stores the leads in a database.

Once in the database, new leads are sorted using Leadsberry's lead scoring function.

Then they're either turned over to sales for immediate action or incubated through Leadsberry's onboard lead nurturing system.

See how nicely all the pieces fit together?

How Our Lead Capture System Works

Once you're logged in to your Leadsberry dashboard, navigate to the lead capture page. You'll find an intuitively easy interface that lets you create your first lead capture form for your landing page in a matter of minutes.

You decide how many fields of information you want to collect, such as:

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Company Name

Then just click the Create button and Leadsberry automatically generates the code you need. Copy and paste the code into your landing page and you're ready to start capturing leads.

The Leads Database

Our Lead Capture software has a feature called Web Leads. This is where captured leads are stored within our web-based system.

It lets you search your leads using variables like contact name, company name or email address.

It's all updated in real time, so you always know exactly how many leads are in the lead capture system at any given time. Because it's good to be in control.

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