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Lead Analytics

Track Performance. Maximize ROI.

Are you happy with just getting leads, or you want to analyze the resources, channels, activity and territory that got leads?

As getting leads is crucial for the success for your business, analyzing leads is equally or even more critical. Lead Analytics is a high-end marketing automation tool that acts as a report card for your sales and marketing efforts, by tracking lead performance. It displays the areas that need to be worked upon, and those that are maximizing ROI.

Lead analytics tool displays data in a useful, simple and actionable manner; so viewing key lead metrics and getting ROI calculations becomes easy.

Factors Influencing Lead Analytics

Open Rates It helps you find out:
  • How many subscribers viewed or opened your campaigns
  • Which leads are opening what type of mails
  • Campaigns and mails are at what time/date
  • How many times in a day are the mails opened
Link Tracking Link tracking lets you know:
  • Each link that was clicked
  • Who clicked the link
  • How many times the person clicked the link
  • Date/time the link was clicked
Unsubscribe Rate Unsubscribe rate provides a holistic view of
  • Who unsubscribed from a specific campaign
  • Reason for unsubscription
Email Bounces It provides a report of emails that failed to reach recipients. Additionally, it provides:
  • A list of subscribers whose emails bounced
  • Type of bounce (soft/hard)
  • Reason due to which bounce occurred
Lead Qualification Lead qualification is an important factor in lead analytics that displays the percentage of leads that have been qualified for sales. It means:
  • A lead that has shown tremendous interest in your product/service and is ready to buy within the next 90 days
Sales Readiness It categorizes the lead based on their readiness for purchasing from you.
Lead Score Based on the sales readiness and lead qualification, the lead is assigned a score. The higher lead score signifies greater interest in sales

This tool is very helpful in creating easy-to-use and customized interactive reports powered by a robust lead analytics engine.

So, don’t be satisfied with just the leads, track their behavior, activity and maximize your business ROI.

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