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What is Leadsberry?

Leadsberry is a lead nurturing tool that can be used to solve your marketing woes. Through Leadsberry tool you can automatically import all the leads that you have onto your CRM platform. Once your leads are transferred onto the Leadsberry platform, each of those leads are deeply scanned and then nurtured through our high-end email and newsletter campaigns. Click here to know more about Leadsberry.

What are the key features of Leadsberry?

Leadsberry has the following extraordinary features:

How will Leadsberry help me?

Leadsberry will ensure that you have loads of sales-ready leads at the end of each nurturing phase. The nurturing emails are sent through this tool to engage the leads. This will increase leads to deal conversion ratio. Other aspects include lead tracking, scoring and lead management.

All you need to do is forward these quality leads to the sales team. This will open an avenue
where you will have potential buyers, leading your organization towards a new world of
prosperity and great customer base.

How different is your Leadsberry when it comes to nurturing?

We believe in your precious leads that would lead you towards revenue generation with no wastage of business purpose. Every lead is closely followed through his behavior that will help you gage his intention. This is where lead scoring mechanism acts. It identifies exactly where there are loopholes in the campaign by tracking lead responses.

How do we get to try your services before we actually take the plunge?

Try our 30-day trial version for FREE. Visit and you can enjoy the full interface for the next 30 days.

Our free trial package would ease your decision making with stronger conviction. This trial
program gives you a perfect gateway to test our lead nurturing tool for the next 1 month.

How is data security achieved?

We ensure maximum privacy and security of your data. We have in place some strong infrastructures that achieve the best data security possible. Round the clock availability and data protection are our highest priorities and are backed with high-end solutions to provide best results.

What are the stages at which leads are organized and managed?

Lead management process at Leadsberry is highly cost-effective, systematic, automatic and time-bound. We provide concise and highly focused lead management techniques that lead you to offer relevant lead nurturing. There are different stages that a lead passes through before being sent for nurturing. You can very well improve lead quality, response and lead-deal ratio. From here you can propel lead nurturing and funnel sales process for tracking and analysis.

How does lead management work?

With this you can have a stronger control on your leads and help yourselves from preventing the leads from being lost.

What is the usual time frame to launch a new lead nurturing campaign?

This depends on the type of campaigns. Generally, for simple to moderate campaigns, we require a timeline of 1 or 2 weeks. If the project is bigger we take a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks.

What will the response rate of a typical lead nurturing campaign be?

Response rates refer to your leads, click-through rates email-open rate, etc. Any lead management program is determined by a number of factors that includes the selling of the product, its launch, timing, etc. All these factors have great effects on the response rates of your campaigns. Also, your response rates might vary from one campaign to another.

However, we pay dedicated attention to each campaign we handle. Some campaigns will be profitable with a response rate of one percent, whereas others need a much higher rate. All other factors being equal however, the accuracy and deliverability of our data will certainly improve the rate of response you would have achieved if you were to use a less reliable list source.

What is the turnaround time for projects?

We take pride on high-rate deliverability. All our projects have been delivered on-time. Although, we handle each project with equal amount of dedication, we make sure they are delivered back to our clients within the time frame.

Is your lead management tool CAN-SPAM compliant?

We are dedicated to protect the privacy interests of our customers and are in full compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. We adhere to specific CAN-SPAM norms.

Aren’t lead nurturing campaigns spamming?

Not at all. Spamming refers to receiving any kind of unwanted emails that arrives in an inbox. However, to be on the safer side and as a best practice, we suggest you add a note to your lead conversion (link to lead nurturing page) forms that remind your leads that they will be receiving your email. This way you can make sure that your messages are not unexpected. Also, make sure that your message is eye-catching, easy to read and contains genuine information.

What types of lead targeting does your lead management platform offer?

We have a wide range of industry/title selects. Our comprehensive tool will provide you with the option to select the industry verticals, titles, state or country based lists to reach the target audience.

Do you send multi-part messages?

We recommend our clients to send part messages using different titles and pitches for better tracking and results.

What are the forms in which you can send the mailers?

We can send mailers in HTML, Text, flash or Semi-text format. However, we don't advice a flash template because older version of Outlook doesn't support flash.

How can we the lead mailers that are sent to the contacts?

You can track mailers HTML, Image and Semi-text formats. Leadsberry provides tracking tools that allows you to track leads and click-throughs. You can track email responses and email opens real time, with the login ID and password, once your campaign is live.

Can I track all the open-rates, click-through rates & bounce rates of my emails?

Leadsberry’s tracking tool will enable you to track all the activities and behavior arising from your email messages with great data granularity.

Do you have multiple sources for sales leads?

Our lead management solutions will allow you to bring all lead sources together in a single data base. Our lead nurturing platform can be quickly deployed and is easy to use, and will provide ROI within weeks.

How do you track leads?

Our lead analytics is a high-performance tool that makes it easy for marketing and sales to track the status of all sales leads.

How can we improve ROI through your lead management tool?

Leadsberry has all the tools need to bolster sales leads and manage them and make them sales-ready within weeks. It is a rich source for all lead tracking and sales lead management information for your lead management and campaign solutions.

Do you exhibit at trade shows, advertise in trade journals or purchase lists?

Leadsberry’s end-to-end lead management solution makes it possible to track all leads from trade shows, advertisements and other similar sources. This in turn helps measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign or event.

What kind of customer service do you provide?

Our team of sales experts is capable of guiding you through any issues that might arise at any stage of a campaign. Our help desk executives are there to support you 24/7.

How can I contact you if I need you?

You can call us at you convenient time and we would be happy to attend to you. In the absence of a customer support executive, we request you to leave in a message, so that we can get back to you within 24 hours.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We request you to make all payments in advance either by check or wire transfers. You can contact us for further details. In case of payment by check, the check should be payable to "".

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