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Email Campaign

Smart ways to Expedite Marketing Campaigns

Here’s a unique campaign tool that helps you to strategically plan, executive and run targeted email campaigns. Leadsberry’s proprietary tool help you manage campaign – everything from sending bulk emails, to sending personalized email campaigns and nurturing leads.

Simplify Campaigns

Run your email marketing campaign with easy-to-use total campaign management tool. This comprehensive campaign tool, help you manage all activities in one place. No more rifling through different applications, excel spreadsheets or spend time with tiresome manual activity. This means you can import CRM data, run campaign and export leads back to the CRM in few clicks.

Expedite your marketing with targeted campaign

Send Individual campaigns

Campaign tool also works as an online prospecting application where you can send targeted campaigns to prospects on the fly. This world-class tool allows you to send instant email campaigns directly to specific audience.


Bulk mailing made easy

Another smart feature of this tool is the power to send bulk email campaigns with ease. This all-in-one tool takes care of your bulk campaign right from tracking, reporting, support, etc. Leadsberry’s campaign tool enables you to import data from spread sheets or from CRM for lead nurturing. This campaign functionality includes automated tracking to run bulk email campaign without any hiccups.


You can use this tool to send instant offers, lead nurturing campaigns, and email announcements to a group of users, or run informing them about new offers,

There are lots of reasons why you should use our email marketing software to manage your email marketing campaigns. Here’s an overview of the Campaign tool...

Campaign tool – Overview
Campaign Tool Campaign tool provides an easy interface to track, measure, and grow revenue from campaigns.
Campaign Tool Our campaign software is optimized for SMEs to large companies because it's scalable to fit any requirement. Moreover, we have easy customization features to modify your dashboard and use tailor made campaigns.
Campaign Tool Gain insights from our charts, easy-to-understand graphical dashboard for easy
Campaign Tool Import data from CRM, nurture it and export back sales ready data to the CRM.
Campaign Tool Design your own campaign without hiring a professional. Use the smart tools, or use the built-in templates.
Campaign Tool View the automatically generated campaign report to find out the opens, clicks, etc.

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