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Data Backup and Security Plan

We deal with extensive business data, and understand its significance for our clients’ businesses. Therefore, we have made considerable investments in maintaining infrastructure and tools that ensure round-the-clock availability and protection of our customers’ data. We strive to provide highest possible levels of service and most cost-effective and innovative solutions to our end clients.

Our engagement with RackForce, the infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider is an extended step in the same direction. We provide Internet infrastructure hosting services with their support.

Our Backup Services

Our data backup platform is fully automated and centralized. It provides complete rights and privileges to users to decide which files to include or exclude from backups.

We maintain data backup on disks daily, and securely destroy or overwrite the tapes after the retention period expires. IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is used to provide data backup services to ensure timely onsite and offsite backup. Using this technology, day-to-day data is first collected and stored onto a primary onsite location (hard disk - SAN or NAS) during night, and is later moved on to a secondary storage device at some secure offsite location within 1 or 2 business days.

Older data copies are stored at an offsite location for its security and systematic backup Keeping most recent "active" data copy onsite ensures faster data access and response rates.

Storage Space Requirements

We have vast data centers with the capacity to store unimaginable amounts of data. The data varies from customer to customer, so it won’t be justified to give an exact number for the total storage space required to store customer's data.

Storage space requirements depend on number of records to store, data type, size of data, and incremental changes (Delta Change) to the data. As we preserve data in its original form and don’t use any data compression techniques, following formula can be used to get an approximate idea of the storage space requirements:

Storage Requirements = (Incremental Change * Number of Days) + Original Data

(For example-
Let’s consider your original data = 30GB
Average incremental change = 1GB
You want to store data for = 30 days

Your storage requirements = (1*30) + 30 = 60GB)

We provide detailed information of backup usage to the clients in the form of charts, and encourage them to post any enquiries for the same to the customer service team.

How It Works:

A TSM client is installed on the client’s server that gives them the privilege to include or exclude any file for backup. Further, we offer three data backup plans that have different data retention policies. Number of days data is stored for backup depends on which policy user has opted for.

Versions of Leadsberry data retention policies:

Our Data Security Measures

The primary purpose of maintaining systematic backup is not only its easy accessibility, but also data security. We maintain data security at different levels, like:

Data Restore Time

Size of data is a primary factor while deciding the amount of time required to restore data. Data restore time increases with the size of data.

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