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Marketing and Sales -Two eyes of the same organization

Yes, the two teams must function in symmetry. This symmetry is assertive when the business should elevate its profits.Only by aligning marketing and sales you can ensure that the business functions towards revenue generation....

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How Lead Management can Create Pipeline for Revenue

All those who inquires is not a qualified lead
Plain inquiry is not a business lead. Lead Management is creating pipeline for revenue through qualified leads. It goes beyond lead generation and works deeply with a lead on ULD (universal lead definition) to define qualified leads...

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Break the Ice with your Non-responding Leads

A good lead nurturing program makes your sales resources more efficient by making them focus on more ‘qualified, ready-to-buy’ leads. In most leads databases, around 5-20% of the leads can be converted into sales...

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Email Marketing ‐ The beauty with brain

Certain things have charm and beauty. And great utility as well. Email marketing is one good example. Email marketing constantly proves those critics wrong who has written them off....

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Lead Scoring- A spoon feeder for marketers

Are you aptly able to maintain the quality of your business all by your own when you are simply juggling the leads? By juggling, we mean that you carry them from a source and pass it on to the sales team, not quite concerned about relevancy.....

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Pep up your marketing activities through lead nurturing platform

We all put in a great deal of effort when trying to capture lead attention. We look for greater number of leads at the end of the day. But, little do we know whether we actually use or facilitate ourselves with a proper system that can be exploited to achieve the above......

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