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Are poor lead management platforms crippling your demand generation campaigns? Get faster sales with smarter management of leads.

Lead management woes are a thing of the past. Here is a tool that will make lead management more automated, systematic and time-bound. Leadsberry’s marketing automation tool offers businesses with concise and focused lead management strategies that will help them boost their lead quality, prospect response and of course, lead : deal ratio. This cutting-edge lead management platform will simply kick-start the lead nurturing process and funnels the sales process for better tracking and analysis.

Here’s what this extensive marketing automation tool will do for your campaigns:

Lead classification

The platform will help you classify leads based on their activity or behavior. Such niche classification will help you identify which leads should be followed-up immediately and which ones to keep in the pipeline.

Real-time reporting

The tool will act as a score sheet for your campaigns, tracking every bit of your lead’s behavior and what should be done about it. This unique feature will tell you where loopholes in the campaign lie. Such real-time tracking will allow analyzing and interpreting important data quickly and effectively.

Choice of campaign types

Have a niche audience in mind? Formulate individual campaigns with the help of this superior lead management tool and also track them real-time. If you want your campaigns to reach a wider, general audience, you can build bulk email campaigns without messing it up in any of its stages.

Email marketing made easy

This unique, user-friendly tool will help businesses create, send and track email and newsletter campaigns. It enables tracking, analyzing and collecting customer data and interpreting them so that you can just sit back and concentrate on improving the quality of your sales campaigns.

Know your customers inside-out

Well, this is absolutely necessary to bolster your sales. You know that. Leadsberry’s lead nurturing platform is smart enough to import and store customer contacts from CRM for nurturing them, track and interpret clicks on messages and prepare comprehensive lead analytics report for your understanding. Put simply, it does all that is required for you to know your customers and make them sign up.

Leadsberry’s lead management tool is one-of-a kind that is aimed at simplifying the entire lead nurturing process and help businesses shorten their sales cycle with faster, easier and more traceable solutions. This exclusive platform also enhances the marketing and sales alignment and improves business ROI.

The hardest part of a seller’s job is made easy by this smart, innovative and technically upgraded integrated marketing automation platform.

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