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Marketing and sales

Marketing and Sales -Two eyes of the same organization

Yes, the two teams must function in symmetry. This symmetry is assertive when the business should elevate its profits.Only by aligning marketing and sales you can ensure that the business functions towards revenue generation.

Imagine if these two were to operate individually!Marketers would certainly pass on the leads to the sales teams,butwhat kind of leads? This is where we need strong answers, very strong in deed! Hence, it’s evident that marketing and sales need a conjugal unison.

Let’s find how!

Marketing-Sales-Prospect channelization

It is known that marketing is out of the loop, once the leads are conveyed to the sales team. It is not aware of any interaction that takes place between the prospect and sales or the prospect and the organization. This result in poor quality leads passed on to the sales team.Further, thesales team deploys its efforts in the wrong direction on the wrong leads. Can the sales even start happening if this is the continuum of marketing-sales cycle?

Forever fruitful benefits

With a proper bridge laid between marketing and sales,you’re sure to achieve great benefits. Marketing support for sales, enhanced customer experience,shorter sales cycles, improved lead management, increased marketing and sales ROI, all with a personal and an ongoing connect with your prospects and customers. Marketing knows what the sales want and sales gets what it wants. This is what we call a perfect way to blend towards customer satisfaction and an overwhelming boost to the company revenue.

Driving force for conjugal integration

This barrier is broken to the point of seamlessness by Leadsberry. The tool is exactly equipped to help marketing teams understand sales team’s scenario with respect to prospect negotiation stage. Leadsberry’s lead nurturing through various features like personalized and relevant email campaigns, lead scoring, behavioral analysis and customer surveying enables this integration. With this, the marketing team sends qualified leads only, and gets a clear picture of the prospect’s buying mind.

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