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Lead Scoring- A spoon feeder for marketers

Are you aptly able to maintain the quality of your business all by your own when you are simply juggling the leads? By juggling, we mean that you carry them from a source and pass it on to the sales team, not quite concerned about relevancy. What if you could actually track, score, qualify and pick them for sales readiness? This makes your life a cakewalk for sure!

Treating your leads right

It’s challenging for the marketers to feel the leads’ ongoing temperaments with regard to buying. We try to understand their need, but in vain. Our main goal, which is customer satisfaction, is hampered when we presume that the leads would respond to the mails just with beautiful content. But, if the content is irrelevant, your nurturing efforts go waste. Lead scoring helps prioritize your nurturing activities. Thus, you help your leads in making buying decisions and not swamp down with irrelevant mails, serving no purpose.

Score to Soar your Revenue

Leadsberry’s lead scoring feature tells you everything that you wildly imagined ever and much beyond. It mirrors your marketing efforts, conveys leads’ engagement with your products and services, their likeliness to buy and more. The numerical score is based on a host of factors like lead industry, annual income, budget, etc. With this you can help build avenues for rise in the ROI, reduced campaign cost and greater lead-deal conversions.

Eases crucial decisions

Leadsberry’s lead scoring helps marketers deal with the leads in the most appropriate manner. If the lead score is high enough, it can be forwarded to sales, if moderate, it can be sent for further nurturing and thrown out if found of no value. Most interestingly, scoring begins immediately after a lead is added to the nurturing platform. This is one of the unique advantages that you could find rarely.

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