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How Lead Management can Create Pipeline for Revenue

All those who inquires is not a qualified lead

Plain inquiry is not a business lead. Lead Management is creating pipeline for revenue through qualified leads. It goes beyond lead generation and works deeply with a lead on ULD (universal lead definition) to define qualified leads. A qualified lead goes beyond simple inquiry and operates on deeper interest level. A qualified lead is on decision making mode and is sales ready.

One size does not fit all. Personalize

The capital mistake a marketer does in nurturing leads is sending automated message to each and every email addresses. Being generic does not help things in lead management. Personalization is the key. Deliver a content that is useful, relevant and remarkable that bear human stamp. Content that addresses a personal need. Answer a specific question of the reader. And it will work wonders. Send a dry automated marketing message. And get a free pass to trash folder. Or worse still, end up as prey to spam trigger.

Qualify your leads and pursue accordingly

The objective of an effective lead management is to generate qualified leads. And then shower with all attention to help in purchase decision making. It genuinely understands the need of a prospect and provides obvious value. When responses are low and mute; it’s time to check the content and audience segmentation. Leads scoring help to understand an incoming customer inquiry or response. This helps in assessment of purchase decision of the prospect. When a prospect doesn’t evoke purchase readiness response, deeper and meaningful lead nurturing is required.

How Leadsberry Lead management works

80% of the early leads fail to become qualified leads due to poor lead management. Our lead management solutions help you not only to generate lead but effective engagement till the prospect is converted into a sale opportunity. From qualifying a lead to nurturing with relevant content – we relentlessly focus on generating more revenue and ROI. Lead MANAGEMENT

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