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Email Marketing - The beauty with brain

Certain things have charm and beauty. And great utility as well. Email marketing is one good example. Email marketing constantly proves those critics wrong who has written them off. After all, no other marketing platform can give you the luxury of personalized advertisement at such personal level like email marketing does. That too, with such simplicity and at affordable rates. You can reach out to so many prospects at one go – within a short span of time.

Of the subscribers, by the subscribers, for the subscribers

Email marketing revolves around subscribers. You can either acquire list from a vendor or generate leads through subscription. And Voila! You can start sending newsletters / promotional emails to your contact list. If the mail interests the prospect, he might reply back. And if not, it might land in the trash items folder. Worse, it might become prey to spam trigger. The whole power is centered on the prospect. The best part is, even when a prospect becomes a subscriber, he can unsubscribe you at any time. This gives the subscriber an open option to move out from the mailing list.

From click to conversion

In an environment, where subscriber is everything – how does a marketer becomes the catalyst of business sales. That is one of the major challenges of email marketing. He must use catchy subject lines to achieve better open rate followed by great email content to drive conversion. Keeping a pulse on the subscribers’ behavior and getting real insights on them will help the writers come up with winning email content. It is akin to walking on a tightrope and still finding the right balance.

Keeping pace with the change

At Leadsberry, we know email is a high potential revenue generating tool. With the onset of Social Media, some aspect of email marketing has change over time. But the fundamentals still remain the same. We help you to cope best with this change while remaining relevant and meaningful to your audience. From content that connects to ease of navigation, all inscribed on beautiful and functional template. With our lead nurturing solutions you will surely find a way into subscriber’s heart and purse.

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