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Break the Ice with your Non-responding Leads

All those who inquires is not a qualified lead

A good lead nurturing program makes your sales resources more efficient by making them focus on more ‘qualified, ready-to-buy’ leads. In most leads databases, around 5-20% of the leads can be converted into sales. These prospects, although are likely to purchase are still not into your buying cycle. Hence, marketing pros advise not to push these leads out of your sales cycle, even if the sales reps complain of their poor quality. Identifying the right ‘leads’ acts as a foundation for a successful sales process.

More often than not, only 5% of the leads can be termed as ‘hot’ while the remaining 95% are cold-tagged albeit having some chances of making a purchase in the future. Common reasons why leads at the first place do not respond include: being too busy, content with existing solution, and lack of a budget. However, it is your duty to upturn these situations and make the most of it.

Make your lead nurturing programs an ongoing strategy until you specifically hear from your prospects that they don’t want your services at all. They key for such continuous, up-marketing lead nurturing campaigns is possessing enough of lead nurturing kits, exceptional content, templates and email mailers. With ample of these resources, you are right on track to convert your leads into life-long customers and achieve sky-high sales.